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At the Wyoming Business Council, we value flexibility in the face of changing markets and economic trends. To that end, we are refreshing our strategy, and we want your input. Visit here to learn more.


The Wyoming Business Council is the state of Wyoming’s economic development agency. The Business Council works with private businesses, state agencies, local governments, local economic development groups, partners and nonprofits to grow and diversify Wyoming’s economy, create jobs and enhance quality of life.

We are committed to:

  • Adding value to Wyoming’s vast mineral and agricultural resources.
  • Expanding Wyoming’s domestic and international export markets.
  • Targeting and growing advanced industries/manufacturing.
  • Providing businesses and communities with necessary publicly owned infrastructure.
  • Increasing quality job creation through Wyoming business startup, retention and expansion efforts.
  • Increasing quality job creation through business relocation and expansion efforts.
  • Developing and attracting a workforce that meets industries’ needs now and 20 years from now.
  • Building strong local and regional economic development leaders and networks.

Thinking about expanding, relocating or investing? Think Wyoming.

Strategic Plan